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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Volkswagen Beetle --- A look back.

Now the VW Beetle has been a major player in the automotive world ever since it first left the factory. The car, with it's love/hate design, has always been a great platform for many forms of driving. Baja, Circuit, Drag, hell I've even seen a Beetle drifting. There have always been many styles of the car, some people who love the restored look of the classic Beetle, a cleanly modified Cal-Look sedan, full blown stoplight killer, slammed so low that the pan is scrapping the pavement, the Beetle has seen pretty much everything. Myself, even though I am predominantly Japanese Import person, the Beetle has always had a very large place in my heart. My first car was a 1975 Super Beetle with AFC Fuel Injection system from the factory ( first year the FI system was introduced into a Beetle ), then after that one, I bought a 1973 Vw Standard, which I just sold about 2 months ago, and how I miss that car. I am infact thinking about sometime in the near future purchasing a Pre-1967 (Before the facelift to non-beetle fans:) ) and building a bagged, super clean, cruiser out of it. Sorry for all the typing, lets get to what everyone has been waiting for, the pictures!

Within the many styles of the Beetle, there is one that I am a fan of, but wouldn't personally drive my car like. People call it 'Hoodride', slammed with rust and all. This style definitely has character to it, with the vintage pepsi cooler and all.


Now here is something more my style, a slammed beetle, rockin' some stock steelies, white walls, super clean. Doesn't get much better then this.


Now, straying away from the calm, collective style, onto the beast's. The drag bugs. These two ovals are by far some of the cleanest drag Beetle's I've seen. The one closest to the camera with no decklid so you can see the clean dual carb set up goin' on.


Another bug I would like to say something about is a friend of my Grandfather and I, Scott Bakken. This car is one of the cleanest drag beetles ever, a replica of the original Cal-Look Beetle, simply a stunning car to see pull wheelies.

Scott's Beetle

Scott's bug
While there are many different styles, one I've always been a fan of is the Volksrod style, cars with the fenders removed styled like older fender-less hot rods from the 30's.

Here's a good example, complete with Red Steelies and Scallops.


Another one shootin' some flames -
Spittin' flames

Here is a good example of a clean restoration, what looks to be a completely stock Convertible.


Last but not least, the famous Cal-Look style, this '67 is a perfect example. Complete with Porsche Fuch's.


While the Beetle may not be everyone's cup of tea, it definitely has it's spot in history. Thanks all for reading, this must be my longest entry yet!


  1. that flaming v-rod looks familiar ;) just scrapped the shell

  2. hey man was looking at pics and didnt even realize this was ur site LOL

  3. The first photo looked pretty interesting to me. Despite the rust and the beaten look, this Beetle looked amazing to me. There is something about this vehicle that captures you. I don’t know why, but I will not stop myself from falling in love with this vehicle. I hope someone would have a heart to restore it.

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  5. Vehicle is surely a classic. Very unique. Although they tried bringing back the new ones, they still don't compare to the old. Cheers