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I'm just a person out of Sunny ole' Southern California. I have a passion for photography and cars, I hope to mix these two items together to present something interesting for you all to look at! A little bit about me: I'm just a person from Southern California, love it here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Ever since I picked up my moms Minolta years ago, I've been into photography. The idea of capturing a image, a visual still, is just amazing to me. I hope to post some of my own photography that some of you may enjoy. I am also a avid skateboarder, and drive a 1991 Nissan 240sx. PEACE all!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boredom strikes.

Got the S14 seats in, and boredom hit me.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Eat & Greet 6/25/09

So, today was my first time going to the VRT Greet and Eat, and it was pretty damn fun. It was great meeting everyone that came out, and my bad if I was a bit quiet ya'll. But anyway, so like I was saying, my first time comin' out to the Greet and Eat, when I first pulled in at 9:30 or so I was like, hmmm... no one's here. Drove through the parking lot and saw the two lone VW guys ( ha! ) and just chilled. Saw Kyle and Eddie pull up so I went out to go say whats up. Then more people came, yeah, so basically to sum it all night, just sat there, chilled, ate, listened to everyone say some funny stuff, laughed. That sums the night up pretty much! Onto the picturesssss! 'Rolla Wagon S13 S13 Chillin' S14 Chillin' Caddy
Peace ya'll!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey everyone

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates! I'm still trying to set up some car shoots and find some events to go shoot, if anyone knows of any in the so cal area, let me know please!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SPOCOM 6/14/09

SPOCOM has come to the Long Beach Convention center, now me, never been to a Spocom, was kind of hesitant at first to spend twenty dollars of my own money to go to this show. But, it was worth a shot, and wow, was it worth it. Many great cars, vendors, and dance crews came out for the show. NOS energy drink was out there giving free samples ( I normally don't drink energy drinks, but I mean, it was free. You gotta love free stuff. ) There were cars ranging to full built track cars, such as Justin Pawlak's new RX8, to full blown show cars like alot of the Scions that were there today, complete with TV's in the taillights ( I see no purpose once-so-ever in that, but each to his own. ) So enough of my blabbering, here's some pictures.







Work Equip








Random Fact - I really want a 16-35 F/2.8L

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be ready...

SPOCOM Tomorrow!

expect a nice update!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Okay, here's a story.

Normally I don't do posts like this, but I think this one deserves a spot on here. So today, in my photography class, we were all doing critiques of each others photos. We were sitting around talking, and when the current critique was over, my teacher told us, there is one thing, 

"What is in your photography for the viewers?"

It struck me, it really made me think about that certain subject. I thought about it, and here's my personal explanation to you all, I do this for my love for photography, cars, and to give my viewers a hopefully exciting look at what is happening in the Southern California car scene. I want for you to enjoy the photos visually, and mentally, while giving you adequate coverage of events. I want people to enjoy looking at these photos, to make there day a little bit better if your down, to give inspiration for people to go work on their cars, whatever it is. 

This has also given me a bit of inspiration to go to more events, take more photos for this thing.

Thanks for reading, please keep updated with it, there will be plenty more soon!



Monday, June 8, 2009

So clean...

I love it when I wash my 240. My car was SO dirty earlier today, bird crap and all.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

So we we're chillin'...

at TapiocaExpress, and I said " Let me go get my camera. " Exciting right? Not so much. So after sitting around with some friends drinking my snow bubble ( on a rainy day might I add. ) and messing around with the camera, I decided to snap a couple shots of Jordans MKV R32. This car is too dope, OZ racing wheels fitting perfect, carbon fiber nose piece, and clean styling. Doesn't get much better then that, does it? Cars like this are what make me want to get another VW...

I really do love the carbon front on this car, looks great.

Clean styling ftw.


Complete with a Yakima Rack


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Store Thirteen --- Holdin' it down for West Covina Streetwear Scene.

Ahh Store 13, one of my favourite places to be. The atmosphere, the feeling of a one location shop with super chill employees, friendly, willing to help. It brings the feeling that most large skateshops just can't do. Store 13 is the place you can walk it, and actually have a casual conversation with a employee, without having the huge corporate feeling to the store. They host BBQ's, parties, and other events so you can just come and chill, have a good time. You'll catch me here every Tuesday night for TAB Tuesday hosted by Team Supastars/Store13, which big ups to Store13 for letting everyone use the parking lot for the meet! 

Please support STORE 13! They carry many brands such as The Hundreds, Obey, Stussy, Levis, and many more! You want your clothing fix? Stop by! Please Visit Store13.com and order some stuff!

The wall is filled with numerous sneaker brands including Jack Purcell, and many hats, 

Store 13 also does many little odds and ends with their own shop brand,

Store 13, also does collaborations with local artists, here's a recently released limited skate deck that they have done with artist JSKIONE-

Continuing with the store brand, they also do many sweaters/tshirts-

Thanks for reading all! Please visit store13.com!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Volkswagen Beetle --- A look back.

Now the VW Beetle has been a major player in the automotive world ever since it first left the factory. The car, with it's love/hate design, has always been a great platform for many forms of driving. Baja, Circuit, Drag, hell I've even seen a Beetle drifting. There have always been many styles of the car, some people who love the restored look of the classic Beetle, a cleanly modified Cal-Look sedan, full blown stoplight killer, slammed so low that the pan is scrapping the pavement, the Beetle has seen pretty much everything. Myself, even though I am predominantly Japanese Import person, the Beetle has always had a very large place in my heart. My first car was a 1975 Super Beetle with AFC Fuel Injection system from the factory ( first year the FI system was introduced into a Beetle ), then after that one, I bought a 1973 Vw Standard, which I just sold about 2 months ago, and how I miss that car. I am infact thinking about sometime in the near future purchasing a Pre-1967 (Before the facelift to non-beetle fans:) ) and building a bagged, super clean, cruiser out of it. Sorry for all the typing, lets get to what everyone has been waiting for, the pictures!

Within the many styles of the Beetle, there is one that I am a fan of, but wouldn't personally drive my car like. People call it 'Hoodride', slammed with rust and all. This style definitely has character to it, with the vintage pepsi cooler and all.


Now here is something more my style, a slammed beetle, rockin' some stock steelies, white walls, super clean. Doesn't get much better then this.


Now, straying away from the calm, collective style, onto the beast's. The drag bugs. These two ovals are by far some of the cleanest drag Beetle's I've seen. The one closest to the camera with no decklid so you can see the clean dual carb set up goin' on.


Another bug I would like to say something about is a friend of my Grandfather and I, Scott Bakken. This car is one of the cleanest drag beetles ever, a replica of the original Cal-Look Beetle, simply a stunning car to see pull wheelies.

Scott's Beetle

Scott's bug
While there are many different styles, one I've always been a fan of is the Volksrod style, cars with the fenders removed styled like older fender-less hot rods from the 30's.

Here's a good example, complete with Red Steelies and Scallops.


Another one shootin' some flames -
Spittin' flames

Here is a good example of a clean restoration, what looks to be a completely stock Convertible.


Last but not least, the famous Cal-Look style, this '67 is a perfect example. Complete with Porsche Fuch's.


While the Beetle may not be everyone's cup of tea, it definitely has it's spot in history. Thanks all for reading, this must be my longest entry yet!

OH MY...

Ken Block rips it up AGAIN! Watch this video, you will NOT be dissapointed.

I'm sorry I haven't updated with my own shots in a while, stay tuned for some photoshoots:)