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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Store Thirteen --- Holdin' it down for West Covina Streetwear Scene.

Ahh Store 13, one of my favourite places to be. The atmosphere, the feeling of a one location shop with super chill employees, friendly, willing to help. It brings the feeling that most large skateshops just can't do. Store 13 is the place you can walk it, and actually have a casual conversation with a employee, without having the huge corporate feeling to the store. They host BBQ's, parties, and other events so you can just come and chill, have a good time. You'll catch me here every Tuesday night for TAB Tuesday hosted by Team Supastars/Store13, which big ups to Store13 for letting everyone use the parking lot for the meet! 

Please support STORE 13! They carry many brands such as The Hundreds, Obey, Stussy, Levis, and many more! You want your clothing fix? Stop by! Please Visit Store13.com and order some stuff!

The wall is filled with numerous sneaker brands including Jack Purcell, and many hats, 

Store 13 also does many little odds and ends with their own shop brand,

Store 13, also does collaborations with local artists, here's a recently released limited skate deck that they have done with artist JSKIONE-

Continuing with the store brand, they also do many sweaters/tshirts-

Thanks for reading all! Please visit store13.com!


  1. can you hit me up with the address?

    and whats on TAB Tuesdays?

  2. Store13

    142 3/4 S Glendora Avenue
    West Covina, CA 91790

  3. Woops and TAB Tuesday is like a local car meet :)

  4. 7-10pm every tuesday night :)